The Rush

All creative types deal with this.

Writers, painters, photographers, poets, dancers, filmmakers, actors and actresses, video game creators, your grandmother as the village gardener…

Everybody goes through a rush wherein you see the beauty of this newfound creative aspect of your trait. You see endless possibilities that, at that moment, you tell yourself nothing and nobody can take away from you. This rush, whatever caused it, has no explanation. But, it started as soon as you wrote your first stanza; took that first photo that looks amazing (and you didn’t even edit it); painted an image that may or may not make sense to others, but it makes sense to you. It’s unique, weird, insane, or it’s just whatever. But it’s yours.

The rush is real. To recognize that it exists is a special occasion. Many who search for their creativity search for the rest of their lives.

Where you choose to direct your creativity is a different story, especially if you’ve been able to do it. For those who are stuck in the myriad ways to express yourself: Just do it.

I know it sounds easy, but whether it’s with a camera in hand, a pen, or you have on a leotard, bust a move. Any kind. See where the conduit to the inner recesses of your mind take you. It’s OK to get lost in the creativity you’re still struggling to associate yourself with. We all get lost at one point before we are found again.

No matter the conflicts in us, recognize that the rush is real–and maybe then you’ll push forward, no matter the creative outlet.


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