Written: January 22, 2017

Too many issues going on
And people think it’s OK
To be blind to reality

As if saying,
"Trump’s not my president”
Is abiding by reality

But actually, no—
We need to unite
And fight

The might that
May corrupt, but not
Take away from our sights

The struggle of our people,
A result of political evil
We know we’re somewhat

Screwed, but dreams regardless
Shall always be pursued
So keep our community close

Make it your own
Your official post
Where you go

And you can be you—
Communities judge nobody
Because the real you is the Truth

And may I speak
For the youth
When I say, “Stop it!”

Watch this:
Washington D.C. politicians
Cannot see people

Like you and me
Forever exploiting
The innocent,

Its constituents
So they can make
A profit

We fight and tame
The pain

That which we
Cannot explain
'Cause in our brains

Our pain’s our propane
Fueling our anger
Then our struggle will be

A view
That which will be
Oh, so plain

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